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Genetic Tumor Syndromes Symposium


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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16 jun 2023 - 17 jun 2023


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Anticipating this launch, the Brazilian Society of Pathology together with the WHO Classification of Tumor and the UK Cancer Genetics Group and International Society for Gastrointestinal Hereditary Tumors (InSiGHT) will hold the first symposium on genetic syndromes related to the development of tumors. It will be a presential, multidisciplinary event with the most prestigious names in different areas, discussing about genetic tumor syndromes, a subject of highest importance nowadays, where the recognition of individuals with these syndromes is of the outmost importance and has a huge impact from screening to the treatment of tumors in advanced stages. The participation of Geneticists, Oncogeneticists, Pathologists, Surgeons and all those involved in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients will make this symposium a unique event for the discussion of the most different aspects of hereditary syndromes related to predisposition to the development of tumors.


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Genetic Tumor Syndromes Symposium

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Genetic Tumor Syndromes Symposium


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